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    Established in 1991, Rostron Parry is a financial consultancy specializing in media relations, marketing and corporate development. We focus on the Exchange-traded, OTC and the alternative investment sectors with an emphasis on derivatives, precious metals, hedge funds and investment.

About Us

Rostron Parry Limited provides media relations in the financial services industry, primarily in the alternative investment management and exchange traded sectors. The main proposition behind the Rostron Parry offering is that positive press coverage is a key contributor to successful marketing and sales.

Rostron Parry characterizes itself as an information broker where both parties to the ‘trade’, client and journalist are satisfied with the outcome. We are distinguished in the financial services sector by our key media contacts. We have long-standing personal relationships with many editors of influence. This enables us successfully to pitch, inform and educate journalists, generate articles, placements and thought leadership pieces.

Rostron Parry works for clients on the basis of a monthly retainer or per project. We do not recharge incidental expenses and for international or larger events, we hold strictly to a pre-agreed budget.

In short, we offer a straightforward, direct communications and marketing service. Please contact us for references and for case histories.

Our Services

Our Clients

  • London Bullion Market Association

    The LBMA is an international trade association, representing the London market for gold and silver bullion which has a global client base. This includes the majority of the gold-holding central banks, private sector investors, mining companies, producers, refiners and fabricators.

  • Payden & Rygel

    Payden & Rygel is an independently-owned institutional asset manager, head-quartered in Los Angeles with a major presence in London handling international clients. Primarily focused on fixed-income investment, Payden's a.u.m. is some $120bn.

  • INDOS Financial

    INDOS is an award winning independent, FCA regulated AIFMD Depositary provider which specialises in alternative investment funds across a range of strategies and open and closed ended fund structures. In May 2017, Indos became the first non-bank depositary to be authorised by the FCA as a full depositary for UK unauthorised funds in May 2017.

  • INSCH Capital Management

    Insch is a systematic foreign currency manager whose portfolio includes an award winning programme which incorporates gold in the currency mix. The firm operates from offices in London and Lugano.

  • Markov Processes International (MPI)

    MPI is a leading provider of quantitative research, risk analytics and reporting solutions for the global investment management industry. The firm has offices in New York and London.

  • Optima Fund Management

    Founded in 1988, Optima Fund Management is one of the most established and well respected private firms in the hedge fund industry specializing in alternative investments. The firm offers a range of services including multi- manager hedge fund programs, custom advisory services, and single-manager hedge funds. The Firm is headquartered in New York with affiliate offices in London and Bermuda.

  • Park Lane Capital

    Park Lane is a London-based hedge fund focused on long/short equity investment. Park Lane's proprietary 'Stability Indices' are increasingly being recognized as key measures of market confidence and direction by family offices and other institutional investors.

Simon Rostron

A former London Stock Exchange market maker and financial journalist, Simon became involved in financial public relations in 1983. His first clients were Man Group whom he represented for 25 years and the Chicago Board of Trade for whom he acted as their representative in Europe.

Simon set up Rostron Parry in 1991 and has worked extensively with exchange and investment clients from all over the globe. Recently he was directly involved in the purchase of the London Metal Exchange by HKEx and continues to represent the external media interests of the London Bullion Market Association. Simon also continues to act for Optima Fund Management, New York, a client with whom he has worked since 1988.

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